Gold IRA is on of the most common way Investors safe guard their finances (401k) against Inflation and Economic crisis. If you are reading this article the chances are you want to research more about precious metal IRAs or how how protect your retirements against all sorts of risks. Or maybe you’re bombarded with the hundreds of Gold IRA companies that tries to have your retirement funds converted to Gold. You may be thinking it sounds like a pretty good idea but can I trust these companies? Here’s some review of the best Gold IRA companies that can help you with your Gold and Precious Metal IRA

We listed the Best Gold IRA companies in the United States and their contact number below, so you don’t have to jump from 1 websites to another. Why are we doing this? You might be wondering. Well after having hundreds of thousands evaporates in the stocks market and housing marke in 2008. I was thankful that my Gold IRA Investment safe me and my family. That’s why I decided to get this website up and running (no matter how ugly it looks) So thatyou can get a birds eye view of the best gold IRA companies in the world.

Best 5 Gold IRA Companies in the US

Fraud/ Lawsuits
Regal Assets
$250 per year flat-rate 1st year free
LEXI Capital
$250 per year flat-rate
Cornerstone Bullion
$200 per year CHOICE*
Past Lawsuit
$250 per year flat-rate

Short Note about Investing in a Gold IRA

  1. Why smart investors usually  allocate at least 5 - 20 % Gold or Other Precious Metal in their IRA: As most people know Gold is a time tested asset to safe guard your capital, here's few reason why you want to have them in your IRA.
  2. Safe guards against Inflation and Deflation: History has shown that Gold isn't just a safe guard against Inflation but also Deflation.
  3. Protect yourselves against Printing of Dollar: Everytime the federal Reserve print dollar, our dollar will decrese in value drastically. This result in losing purchasing power over time. And retiring citizen suffers their hard earn money due to this policy. Gold gives your portfolio a good protection in-case of such scenario.
  4. Impossible to oversupply: Gold is just not a shinny metal, the reason why it's value kept increasing because there's a scarcity of it in the market place, un like dollar bill which the Federal Reserve can print an time they want, the banks can't just print money anytime even though they want. The basis of high demands in gold is because it's usable in every day situation such as electronic, high tech medicine and more. There's just not enough gold mine founded every year to keep up with the supply.
  5. Valuable to store: Gold and Other precious metal have real world use, unlike stocks and bond which is just a piece of paper and agreement. These precious metal's value can never be zero. Just look at the example of lehman brother's shares. Once used to know as one of the world's most powerful banks. Said to be a very secure business because it lasted over hundred years. but today it's worth.
  6. Portfolio diversification: We don't mean to advice you not to buy stocks or bond. But we just encourage people to at least have some precious metal in their portfolio, To safe guard themselves and their family. It's true money is not as important as plenty of things in life, but if we don't protect it properly and wisely for our family, we might set ourselves up for a real trouble, affecting the one we loves.


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Rolling over to a Gold IRA is Great but now how do I make sure I do things correctly.

A simple word of advice, go with a reputable company, not only it will save you tones of time but also take out all the troublesome hassle, and also avoid unnecessary trouble such as being scammed or what so ever.

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How to choose the best Gold IRA Companies to rollover

As you notice on the the comparison chart above, helps people makes better decision when it comes to choosing a precious metal IRA company, However, there're few point to look for if you're doing your due diligent properly.
Reviews of Previous Clients.
We've heard hype about company most of the time self proclaiming that they're the best in the industry. Don't fall for those traps, it's better if we check it up with their past client and see if there's any complaint. That's why we dig out some reviews from few of the most trustable platform in th web. Place their stats side by side and let you compare them. (You can click on the review score to see the actual page.)
Efficiency of delivery time.
We all love ultra shipping when we buy products from Amazon or whatsoever. When it comes to our investment it' not much different. When it comes to buying Gold or any precious metal We love to get it from regal assets, the simple reasoning is because they usually delivers very quickly. They promise us that our precious metal will arrive within 7 days. I don't know about you buy that's a big plus point for us.
I had friend who waited about 50+ days before he gets his precious metal, keeps us worried where have our money been all those time, or does the Gold Company (don't want to mention) went mars to mine for our precious Gold.
Anti Pushy Salesperson.
Sometimes your gut feeling will know things are wrong when the sales person are going too pushy. I hate it when sales person breaks out all sorts of guilt tripping and pressuring just to make me not put down the phone or want me to keep buying. Although we do recommend that you give a several companies a call but most friends and family of mine, found Regal Assets customer support to be really nice.

Final Word from Editor

We understand that Gold or Precious Metal is hands down the best or one of the best investment you can have in your investment portfolio. But choosing a trust worthy partner to work with is just as important as choosing the right investments. When it comes to rolling over your IRA to Gold/ Precious Metal. we would recommend that you at least give Regal Assets a call


If you're happy about your investment  don't forget to send us your feedback. Also don;t forget to give other companies a call and survery around too. The above companies are pretty much as reputable, if you have any complaints about any company don't forget to inform us about it on the same email we'll inform other people through our website too.

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